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welcome back

So cheers to my man Al Gore for agressively talking the talk over on the Hill yesterday. The more times politicians are confronted with the ever-present reality of Global Warming, the less evasive they can be in ignoring the obvious.

With that said.

What’s up with you coming to Washington and not giving a brother a call, Al?

I thought we had a mutual admiration thing going on… some professional courtesy… I’m just sayin… we could have gone to Trusty’s and drank beer out of a jar while we compared notes on socio-economic obstacles to embracing a compact florescent lifestyle or the increased salinization of the Pacific Ocean and its effect on low-tier crustaceans.


message sent

I am admittedly a writer, a linguist, and a wordsmith of sorts… but I am desperately trying to be one part less a man of words and one part more a man of action.

I delivered my first letter today. In a campaign to take growahouse to the doorstep of decision makers… I delivered my first letter to the man who inspired the last post… to a man who I have long admired for his commitment to the environment

Al Gore.

A chance book signing half a block from my office provided me with the opportunity to put word into action. Here are a few excerpts from my letter.

We enter now, and forever, into an era of clear, and personal culpability for our rise or fall as a species.

In an effort to amplify my voice, I started a website to chronicle my process… to chronicle the resistance and support of building a responsible house… of growing a home.

I will continue to write passionately and responsibly as I engage whoever will listen in a dialog about how smart design can address both the poverty of a region and the poverty of mind within it.

Thank you for being a voice for those that cannot speak, a beacon for those who answer the call of stewardship, and a conscience for those who choose to remain silent.

Am I the only one with a pen?