Do I know how to lay tile?… well now I do.
That is the mantra for a systemic approach for doing a house full of interior projects when you have no idea how to do a house full of interior projects.

Just figure it out as you go along.

Not everything has turned out perfect, but you keep on going. You just keep on going. The first objective was to base coat paint every nook and cranny of the house. I called in a few favors and started handing out paint buckets and rollers.

Crisp… Clean… smooth.

The house, no longer sheepish with its exposed drywall, wood, and screws… No longer self-conscious, now confident, vibrant and a bit boastful at times. A house in a perpetual state of becoming… and an everchanging slew of believers helping to shape a common vision… a vision that requires above all else…

A bag of grout and an endless supply of buckets.

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earth, water, sunshine, and a 220 bit drill set