It was finally time to let the house get used to its new body and feel comfortable in its own skin.

After the iron bar guys did their thing, the Stucco finally got started in the sun filled stretches of January. It almost didn’t happen… I decided on a crew to get started and the guy at the helm was bojangling with getting them started and ultimately missed out on one too many oddly warm winter days. I had to to cut the contract short before it started. I went with the number two crew and they jumped on it. Number two became number two not because of ability, but because of cost.
It was a case and point for the cheaper deal not being the better deal. Nevertheless, the guys I got working are phenomenal.

I was kinda holding off on showcasing the exterior for a while because I had this idea about building the suspense of… What is the house really going to look like? But that, like all other suspense filled dramatic undertakings, requires planning and follow through. Both of which, are in short supply from yours truly right now. So instead, I’m going to give it too you all at once.

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earth, water, sunshine, and a 220 bit drill set