March 8th was a pivotal day. The countdown to the finished product began. We had a truck deliver 190 sheets of drywall and we proceeded to assemble an impromptu team of friends to help me move the entire stack inside. It was tough.

Real tough.

Of course no construction project is complete without a quick(5hr) trip to the hospital. In this case, I limped through my chance encounter with a rusty nail. That bad boy had me breathing through my nose for a few minutes. The funny part of the story, or the rediculously male part (depending on who you ask)… is that I was stubbornly determined to get the piece of drywall that I was carrying up two flights of steps after I stepped on the nail. I think I knew exactly what had happened and I was acutely aware of its implications for a lost day of work and a trip to the emergency room… and I basically wanted to get that last brief sense of accomplishment before I had to limp my way back down the stairs to the car and make the trip to the hospital.

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